Flowork Model

Social Capital is defined as the relationships that an individual possesses. Within that social capital, lies resources that may potentially support certain accomplishments. However, in order for this to occur, the individual must be aware that the resource exists and then posses the ability to access it. Flowork was created to address this multifaceted process and bring it from an unconscious activity to a conscious one.

Flowork provides a systematic process for increasing the utilization of social capital for individuals, organizations and communities. Increased access to social resources allows individuals the ability to accomplish their goals or objectives with the assistance of others. The Flowork model works on the premise that social networking is about creating long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Additionally, if network contacts can be linked to goals, and those contacts can assist, the greater the likelihood for goal attainment.

The Flowork approach involves three elements to its process. They are; (1) Competency Assessment, (2) Network Audit and (3) Monitoring networking activity.

The FloWork Model

(1) Assessing network accessibility competencies is undertaken to determine networking ability. Any gaps identified are addressed with an appropriate intervention.

(2) Conducting a social network audit uncovers the level of information being utilized from contacts.

(3) Monitoring network activity ensures that opportunities are being identified and followed through with. The Flowork process will enable individuals and organizations to reach optimal networking capacity.

The Flowork Networking System In Practice

Flowork utilizes a process that allows an individual to monitor their network activity and level of social capital. Most networking practices focus on the end result. the contact. Flowork not only focuses on the contacts of an individuals network, but the process in which they are able to generate a win-win relationship. Flowork allows individuals to identify network opportunities and move them towards a solution. Not only will individuals be able to organize their network, they will be provided the skills to make the connections that lead them to a desired result again and again.

The Flowork Formula


In the formula, SC stands for Social Capital, where SC exists as a natural occurrence in society (relationships are developed despite our intentions to create them)and rest in a dormant state. It is not until SC is linked to a goal or objective that it is activated and generates social income (SI). However, in order to generate SI, an individual must become Knowledgeable (K) about themselves and their network, gain Access (A) to the opportunities which exist within the network and actually Utilize (U) the relationship to accomplish a goal.


  • College and University Career Services Programs
  • High Schools
  • Job Search Training
  • Organizational Departments
  • Welfare Recipients
  • Leadership Development
  • Small Business Training
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Workforce Development
  • Collaboration

Flowork Brochure

Flowork Model Overview