Online Social Network Audit

Imagine being able to visualize your social network! The online social network audit is an online social network mapping and audit tool that will allow you to visualize your network as well as monitor your network growth.

The Social Network Audit (SNAudit) system is a process that was developed by Dr. John-Paul Hatala which involves state-of-the-art resources for social networking. The FloWork SNAudit allows you to manage and create a social network map so you can visualize your network. In addition, goals can be created and linked to specific contacts in your network, which will allow you to track those contacts who have contributed to your success.

The intention of this system is to provide users the opportunity to identify the contacts in their network and how they can utilize the information from their contacts to reach their goals. Also, because you may not be aware of your contacts connections, you can email them through the SNAudit system to get them to add contacts to your network in order to help you achieve your goals.

The importance of having a large network is not necessarily an advantage until you have been able to maximize on the information inherent to it. This requires that you know what you are trying to accomplish and can access the right contacts with individuals that can provide the right information. This can only be accomplished by knowing who is in your network and what type of information they can provide.

The value in visualizing your network is the ability to determine what your network looks like and what gaps exist. The exercise of conducting a social network audit will allow you to identify the specific skills each of your contacts' possess. By knowing what your contacts do, you maybe able to get them to help you achieve your goals. Without this information, how will you know who to turn to for help?

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