Job Search Management

The FloWork Job Search Management System is based on the principle of assisting individuals to move from step-to-step within a normal job hiring cycle. Now you can use either a Portable Job Search Board or the Online Job Search Board, it's your choice! Each provides a visual representation of the job search process and assists individuals in monitoring their job search progress each step of the way. This system allows individuals and their counselor to track job search activity and identify any corrective actions that may be necessary when looking for employment.

The Job Search Management System is made up of Five Components!

  1. Knowing the numbers
  2. Identifying what the client does
  3. Understanding the hiring cycle
  4. Generating the next step
  5. Managing the job search process

Why the Job Search Management System?

  • Difficult to monitor job search activities of clients
  • No structure to job search process
  • Job search cycle not established
  • Job search strategies can not be linked to specific job search opportunities
  • Job search success is defined as finding employment
  • Job search challenges can not be easily identified
  • Accountability
  • Over time, job search process can become de-motivating

How will the Job Search Management System Benefit Your Clients?

  • Monitors the job process with an up-to-date status report of client job search activities
  • Reinforces the importance of the next step during the job search process
  • Identifies strategies throughout the job search cycle and focuses on what the client does versus what they need
  • Manages realistic expectations while maintaining motivation throughout the job search process
  • Reinforces job search activity with actual progress
  • Provides job search skills that will last for life
  • Provides realistic time frame for job opportunities
  • Provides a visual representation of job search activity
  • Deals with any psycho-social issues that may arise during the job search process
  • Promotes a pro-active job search approach
  • Speeds up the time to find a job!

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