Our People

Skills and Expertise

At Flowork, we ensure that we have only the best people. Our programs are only as effective as the people developing and implementing them, whether on site with the client or behind the scenes at Flowork. Our people come from a variety of backgrounds including Social Sciences, Business, Marketing, Education, Sales and Government Agencies. Such a wide variety enables Flowork to implement customized social capital development programs that help individuals, organizations and communities reach their FlowingPoint.

Commitment and Customer-Focus

Floworks ability to attract and retain highly qualified professionals is paramount to ensuring that we deliver the best results to our clients. Our dedicated team ensures that our clients see significant results that have a positive measurable impact on social capital development. At Flowork, we are customer-focused and committed to success.

Flowork Founder

John-Paul Hatala, Ph.D

John-Paul Hatala has a passion for helping people tap into their networks by creating resources which enable individuals to achieve their goals . 'If people would just realize that a wealth of information is close at hand they would be able to utilize what their contacts know', says John-Paul. "A lot of people say they know a lot of people, but what's the value in that if we can't access the information that is available to us." His newest venture, this site, is to provide everyone the opportunity to conduct a social network audit. He hopes that people utilize this tool to learn more about the contacts in their network and see for themselves the power of knowing what your contacts know!

John-Paul Hatala brings to his work more than 15 years of experience in the community, public and private sectors. He has worked in such diverse positions as an employment counselor, job developer, small business consultant, training and development manager and director of a corporate human resources department.

Dr. Hatala is presently an Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University in the School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development, Baton Rouge. His academic research has focused on the transition towards re-employment, human resource development, social capital in the workplace, barriers to entrepreneurship and organizational development.

To date, John-Paul has developed a number of innovative systems and assessment tools including; FloWork Networking System (includes network analysis and network monitoring system), Evaluform Job Search Management System (includes a monitoring system for labor market re-entry) and a series of assessments including the BEST for adults and BEST for youth (Barriers to entrepreneurship success tools). In addition, John-Paul will have a new book out next year based on the job search management system entitled: The job search cookbook: A step-by-step recipe to finding a job.

John-Paul always encourages direct communication. If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about networking or one of his systems, feel free to email him at jphatala@flowork.com. After all, its about making contacts.