Corporate Programs

Corporate FloWork is a program that works with organizations to increase the flow of information between individuals, departments, divisions and units. The more information an employee possesses about their role within the organization, the more likely they are able to make decisions that positively impact their strategic direction. The Corporate FloWork program allows departments within organizations to determine their present flow of information by linking organizational, departmental and individual goals. By determining which departments and employees are in the flow, the greater the likelihood that sharing of information can impact the bottom line in a positive way.

Other Areas of Flowork Expertise

  • Training and Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Competency Model Development
  • Business Analysis

The Corporate program involves three stages:

1. Conducting a FloWork Analysis

2. Make recommendations for improving communication flow

3. Implement interventions based on results from the analysis

The Flowork Corporate 5 Step Process:

Step 1:

Assess the flow of information and access to resources for clients and organization.

Tools: FlowScale, Customized Flow Assessment

Step 2:

Analyze data to identify information flow gaps.

Tools: FloWork Analysis, FloWork Audit

Step 3:

Develop intervention to close gaps and to restore/ increase information flow.

Tools: FloWork Manager, FloWork Training, FloWork Network Events

Step 4:

Implement monitoring schedule using a FloWork diagnostic tool to optimize information flow.

Tools: FloWork Coach, FloWork Program Delivery Assessment

Step 5:

Re-assess to maintain optimized information flow.

Tools: FlowScale, Custom Assessment