The Strategic Networker

A Learner's Guide to Effective Networking

In 2003, university-led research emerged that finally corroborated the age-old notion of "six degrees of separation" as legitimate, suggesting we are all much more connected than we realize.

This can be great news for those who feel that the best opportunities in life are only ever provided to those of us who are lucky enough to "know people". After all, that key business connection or elusive job opportunity may be closer to you than you think.

However, whether we are trying to advance our careers or expand our social circles in ways that might benefit us down the road, few of us know where to even start...much less how to truly tap into our existing social networks and gain access to the absolute wealth of resources that exists within them.

That's where this guide comes in. It demystifies the networking process, and can help you to network more effectively, more strategically...more successfully than you may have ever realized was possible in your life.


About the Author

Dr. John-Paul Hatala is currently a Visiting Professor at Louisiana State University in the School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development, Baton Rouge. Additionally, Dr. Hatala is the founder of the Social Capital Development firm Flowork International. His academic research focuses on social networking behaviors, social capital, human resource development, career development and the transition to the labor market.

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